A space that we love is not a museum, but rather a living entity: Personal elements such as books, mementos and pictures are a natural part of an organic whole; It is a social environment which reflects who we are and which gives us pleasure when we interact with family, friends and guests; It is a solitary refuge where we can feel truly "at home".

Furniture, fabrics and decorative elements are selected for their elegance and beauty, but also need to work with our lifestyle so that in coming years we are dazzled and happy every time we sink into chairs with friends, prepare food in the kitchen or pull the curtains closed at the end of the day.

It was with this goal in mind that I founded Alchemy Interior Design in 1999. We offer a full range of interior architecture and design services, and work on a wide range of projects that are diverse both in style and scope, with a consistent core of creativity and classic eclecticism. Each project is first and foremost a reflection of the individual client; we collaborate with the client to create homes that are simultaneously unique, personal and timeless.

The quiet, sculptural aspect of Alchemy Interior Design's body of work is demonstrated in the dialogue between color, materials and sensibilities. Seemingly dissenting objects and voices are transformed into a coalescent whole that is never jarring and never boring. Every interior landscape should be an endless source of small, thoughtful discoveries to enhance the life one chooses to live.